The HVAC system, commonly know has the heating & air conditioning system are the lungs of your home. Depending on where the main system is located, (basement or attic) it can take the make up air from those areas draw the air into the HVAC system and in turn distribute throughout the entire home.If the area where the HVAC system is located is contaminated with mold, mold spores can be drawn into the HVAC system and distributed throughout the home and impact the indoor air quality. It has been our experience through testing the HVAC systems that when there is mold contamination within the home, the HVAC systems are also  contaminated.

The HVAC system and the associated ducts and returns are the most overlooked during a mold  assessment and left untreated can be a perpetual  source of distributing mold spores long after mold remediation has been performed. Any time there is a mold issue within the home an assessment and testing of the HVAC system is advise to validate the HVAC system is contaminated and if so, develop an appropriate remediation strategy for the HVAC system. For more information about inspecting your  home and HVAC system for  mold please visit