The short… NO.

Mold becomes dormant with no active water source. However, the colony will roll in and out of active stages with just humidity in the air. Mold is all about source removal. Removing water without removing the mold can make the problem worse.

Imagine a rose that hasn’t been watered. It’s dry, wilted, and flaky. If you try to pull off a pedal the entire rose would fall apart, and fragments would fall everywhere. Well, just like the rose dry mold fragments are particulate matter.

3 main categories of particulate matter

PM10 – A single human hair is 7 times thicker

PM2.5 (Mold Spores) – A single human hair is 28 times thicker

PM0.1 (Ultra Fine Particulates) – A single human hair is 700 times thicker

The particulates produced by mold have been medically labeled as more dangerous to human health than mold spores themselves. Once inhaled, particles can affect the heart and lungs and in some cases cause serious health effects. Many studies directly link the size of particles to their potential for causing health problems.

We recognize the source of mold, mycotoxins, and other indoor natural pathogens, and create a guide for remediation and proceeded with upkeep.

Our thorough and detail oriented inspection process is set to achieve two goals:

Identify the Source Areas: Are there current or previous conditions in the building that are allowing for mold and other indoor pathogens to grow?

Identify Cross Contamination: How are these source areas dispersing or cross-contaminating the general living spaces and/or heating and air conditioning systems?

Understanding these two components is extremely important. This gives us a picture of the whole home and allows us to set the necessary remediation strategy and next step action items.

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