I recently read an article about how Camel Crickets (also know as Spider Crickets) are widespread throughout US homes. Click here if you’d like to read the article too.

As an Environmental Consultant who has inspected and performed over 5000 mold inspections, I commonly see Camel Crickets and other insects within  homes that have a chronic water intrusion problem. Water is the evolution of life and with it creates microscopic life forms that create the food chain effect. Homes with water and moisture issues notoriously attract insects, spiders and spider crickets. Insects, such as spiders, are moisture rich creatures and love to web around their food source. Additionally, homes where we notice a lot of insects, spiders and Camel Crickets also have a mold problem.

Next time you see an over abundance of insects, spiders and camel crickets in your home, consider the possibility that your home may have a mold problem as well. A mold inspection of your home should be your first line of defense to understanding the ecology of your home. For more information about a mold inspection of your home or property visit our services page.