It’s one of the greatest times of year again, Spring is back! The sun is shining, weather is beautiful and the trees and flowers are blossoming. But if you are one of the 50 million plus Americans who suffer with allergies, this time of year can be miserable.

Many health professionals recommend taking allergy medication or shots that can help relieve the pressure from outside. But what if it’s not the outdoors that is causing you to sneeze and your throat and eyes to itch?

The World Health Organization estimates that the presence of dampness or mold exists in approximately 50% of our homes. (WHO) Below are some questions to ask to help identify if you may have a mold issue.

Has there been a water intrusion event in the last 24-48 hours?(i.e. leak, flood, pipe burst, sewer back up etc)
If affected area is not dried properly mold and bacteria can begin to grow within 24-48 hours

Do you feel any relief after leaving your home or office?
You may begin to feel relief when you leave the environment (may take hours or days before relief happens)

After dusting, do you notice that the environment has accumulated the same amount of dust within a few days?
This may be an indication of a mold problem, dust mite infestation and/or a contaminated HVAC system.

Have you observed any staining or discoloration on walls, floors, ceilings or contents?
This may be an indication that water intrusion has occurred or is actively occurring. (water problems can not only cause indoor pathogens, but structural damage as well)

If you have answered yes to any of these issues it is highly recommended you have your home checked to verify if a mold problem exists.

Certified Mold Inspections, Inc. has been operating for over 10 years specializing in the detection and prevention of mold and other contaminants in the indoor environment. Every inspection project is personally supervised and conducted by a trained Certified Mold Inspector and Certified Indoor Environmentalist committed to maintaining the highest standards of skill and practice in the environmental inspection profession.

Certified Mold Inspections is not affiliated with any other consulting or remediation companies. As a result we are able to provide unbiased and reliable testing data that help doctors and homeowners make informed decisions about their environmental condition.

What separates us from our competitors is our detailed inspection process and thorough follow up report. It’s one thing to know there is a mold issue, but what happens next? After each investigation we will put together a detailed report with pictures of observations, test results and the step-by-step remediation work needed.