Mycotoxin Remediation

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Mycotoxin Remediation

Mycotoxin RemediationDid you know some molds can release harmful toxins into your home? In most cases these mycotoxins will end up in the carpet. Children are more at risk to exposure since they spend most of their time on the floor. Because mycotoxins are linked to some serious health problems replacing the carpets may be needed. As part of the mycotoxin remediation process CMI will test any potential problem area and remove anything that may cause health problems.

Note for Doctors:

Mycotoxins can have greater affects on patients that have compromised immune systems or other existing health issues. Mold can be found almost anywhere there is increased humidity or moisture. Ask your patients if they know the potential health risks associated with mold.

Mycotoxin testing

CMI has the experience to find and eliminate the sources of mycotoxins to improve your indoor air quality. When it comes to your families health you want to ensure the safest possible environment. Let our trained professionals test your home and begin the remediation process today.