Mycotoxin Symptoms

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Mycotoxin Symptoms

Do you know all of the hidden hazards that could be present in your home? Mold can cause problems on its own but the presence of mycotoxins could cause more serious health issues. Only certain types of molds will produce these harmful mycotoxins, but it is important to know common mycotoxin symptoms to look for.

Mycotoxin Symptoms

•Burning Pain
•Blurred vision
•Nasal irritation

Each case is different depending on the type of mycotoxin and length of exposure. Seek medical attention if you have been exposed to mycotoxins and are experiencing the above symptoms.

Note for Doctors:

Ask your patients about exposure to mold in their homes. Once in the body mycotoxins can cause health problems including:
•Uncontrolled Muscle Movement
•Clotting Disorders

Mycotoxin testing

Protect your home from this hidden danger. Schedule an appointment with one of our experts and enjoy your healthy home.