On the off chance that you speculate your pet has been exposed to mold toxins, take all pets in the family home to the veterinarian as quickly as possible, regardless of whether they are not displaying indications.

Usually in multi-pet families that one pet will show manifestations before the others. If the veterinarian verifies that your pet is suffering because of dangerous mold exposure, don’t take your pets back to your home where the mold exists. You may need to board them or discover a relative or companion who is willing to take them in while you get an inspection and testing to identify where the source of the problems are located. The veterinarian may endorse prescriptions to support your pet’s symptoms and may likewise propose that your pet take an anti-infection to avoid or treat an optional condition that may happen because of your pet’s debilitated immune system.

If you speculate your pet has been exposed to toxic mold, don’t delay to look for veterinary help.

Our focus is to help guide those with complex medical issues back to health through the environmental assessment of their homes and buildings. We identify sources of mold, mycotoxins, and other indoor environmental pathogens, then create roadmaps for restoration, continued maintenance, and proper re-build and design. Call us today to speak with an Indoor Environmental Professional about our process in more detail and how we can help you!