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Black Mold in Your Laundry Mold can cause a host of health problems from asthma, increased susceptibility to flu and colds, and sinus infections. Because mold thrives in damp conditions, it can live in many places around your home like the shower, in carpeting, behind wallpaper, in the basement and
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Find The Right Doctor, Get Out Of The Cycle Today, the number of chronically ill patients is at an all time high. Many Americans afflicted by these “invisible illnesses” are stuck suffering with treatment plans that never get them back to their full potential. Unfortunately,  due to their symptoms, medical
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Justin Bieber Battles Lyme and Mold

January 10, 2020

Bieber Breaks The Mold

Bieber Breaks The Mold For the Lyme community, a celebrity diagnosis can spark much-needed interest and discussion. Any increase in public awareness is enormously encouraging and might trickle down into a little compassion for the countless “ordinary” people quietly battling Lyme every day. 25 year old singer, Justin Bieber, publicity
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 Can Mold Harbor Deadly Superbugs? A deadly fungal infection has been growing throughout multiple health facilities around the world, and has been deemed the superbug of the millennium. After it was first discovered in 2009, Candida auris (C. auris) has researchers investigating this little-known drug-resistant fungus. According to the CDC,
Parkinson’s Disease and Mold Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder after Alzheimer’s disease. While there is no clear cause for most people, experts believe they have pinpointed certain factors that may increase risk.  There is emerging evidence linking Parkinson’s and environmental factors. Exposure to mold is most
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