CMI’s New Year’s Resolution for 2015: to help successfully remove mold in every home we encounter! With the arrival of the New Year here, many people are trying to uphold resolutions they have made for this year. Whether it’s for their personal lives or for career advances. January is crunch-time
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olfactory fatigue may cause you to overlook toxic odors

December 29, 2014

Indoor Air Quality Testing

RELIABLE AND ACCURATE INDOOR AIR QUALITY TESTING FOR HOME OWNERS, RENTERS AND BUSINESS OWNERS. Determining the source of poor indoor air quality, (such as Asbestos, Dust Mites, Strange Odors), requires sophisticated equipment and training. We provide a detailed approach to our property inspections and understand the right indicators to look
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The Moldy Minute
Mold testing can reveal a possible mold problem in your home. It can help you find hidden mold, measure indoor air quality, and identify what species of mold is in your home. Signs of Mold Growth Beyond visibly seeing mold in your home, there are other signs that can suggest
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Dr. Adrienne Sprouse interviews Dennis Hooper, Ph. D. about mold toxins
What are mold toxins and how dangerous are they? Is it true that they can contribute to causing illnesses like MS and ALS? Is it possible for some of the terrible symptoms of MS and ALS to be reversed? These and other questions are addressed as YEM On Location host
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This past weekend our staff attended the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) conference in Washington D.C. The conference featured an array of topics on Lyme Disease, as well as, mold and mycotoxins and the effects on a Lyme compromised patient. The major discussion concerning mold and mycotoxins is that when a

Moldy Minute

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