Certified Mold Inspections
Here are the different sampling methodologies we can perform. Specific samples and quantitates depend on the inspection performed and condition of the environment. Air Sampling ; The Air Sampling cassette is a sampling device designed for the rapid collection and analysis of a wide range of airborne aerosols. These include fungal
Mold Awareness
Living away from home comes with its own set of responsibilities. Making sure you’re on top of your schooling, finances, and looking towards a bright future. One thing that is commonly overlooked is our health. It’s so important to stay in touch with your body and stay alert to your
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Mold is the hottest topic in medicine right now…why? Because we are just now beginning to understand the extent of its implications. It is as debilitating as it is insidious.Christian Gonzalez N.D, who specializes in Naturopathic & Functional Medicine and Oncology interviews with Mark Levy, the Founder of The Mold Guy
Mold Awareness
HVAC system with mold
Background The homeowner is a 64-year-old man who complains of chronic sinus and respiratory issues while in his home. The symptoms subside when he leaves the home for an extended period of time. His children, who are adult age and do not live with him, noticed that every time they
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