The Moldy Minute
What The ERMI Test Really Means The US Environmental Protection Authority developed ERMI to provide a straightforward, objective, sensitive and standardized way to assess mold and indoor air quality investigations. Based on widely published data from EPA researchers and the 2006 HUD American Healthy Home Survey, the test has been
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The Moldy Minute

September 30, 2019

What Is NeuroQuant

“The mold fungus Penicillium crustosum occurs relatively frequently in food and animal fodder stored in temperate conditions. This mold produces powerful neurotoxins, for example, penitrem A, which causes symptoms that are difficult to distinguish from those of other neurological diseases. Penitrem A is capable of penetrating the blood-brain barrier and
The Moldy Minute

September 20, 2019

Know Your Rights

We get a lot of questions from people about their rights are when renting a home. One of the greatest benefits of renting instead of owning is being able to call a landlord when something goes wrong. But what about when there is an issue that can cause a health
Certified Mold Inspections

September 18, 2019

How to Limit Mold Exposure

How To Limit Mold Exposure You can neither prevent mold spores from entering your home (they exist everywhere in the outdoor environment and can easily get inside through open doors and windows, air ducts and vents, or even attached to clothes, shoes, and bags), nor deprive mold of its “food”
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September 3, 2019

Misdiagnosed Mold Exposure

Chronic illness is at an all-time high with no signs of relief. Millions of Americans are stuck in a loop asking why do I feel this way?  Is this normal? Why is the rest of my family not sick? Maybe this is all in my head like my doctors are

Moldy Minute

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