The Moldy Minute

August 19, 2019

Autism and Mold

The information about autism everyone needs to hear. The causes of autism spectrum disorder remain unknown. However, experts believe they have pinpointed certain factors that may increase risk. Autism wasn’t a commonly understood diagnosis until the 1990’s when a sudden surge of autistic children started to emerge. 1 in 59
Certified Mold Inspections

August 7, 2019

Humid and Moldy

Hot-Humid and Moldy The average American spends approximately 93% our their lives indoors. In numerous regions of the nation, summer implies high temperatures. This summer heat means running that cooling AC. When humidity settles on toilet tanks, water pipes, HVAC systems, and other mechanical objects, it can slowly cause rust
mold attic
Picture this, it’s Sunday morning, you and the family have begun your weekly routine of cleaning your home. With all bedrooms vacuumed, floors mopped, all surfaces wiped, and linens washed you can relax knowing you’ve done a spotless job, right? Well, not exactly.   Your home is just as alive as
The Moldy Minute

July 9, 2019

Ticks, Lyme, and Mold

“The CDC estimates there are more than 300,000 cases of Lyme infection in the U.S. each year – which is roughly 10 times as many as what is reported. That group of undiagnosed Lyme Disease victims can suffer for years with the disease. You or someone you care about could
ALL remediation projects big or small should be performed by a licensed & certified to mold remediation company. Companies should be using botanical products, proper engineering controls, and building science to ensure that the sources of contaminations are being removed in a manner that will not cause additional damage and
Mold Remediation

Moldy Minute

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