Link Between Alzheimer's and Mold Illness?
There isn’t one direct cause of  Alzheimer’s Disease. However, there has been a sited link between Alzheimer’s and mold illness.  Alzheimer’s Disease has multiple types or staging that are contracted in a variety of ways. Subtype 3 is commonly called the Inhalational Alzheimer’s Illness (IAD) and is caused by breathing
5 Symptoms of Black Mold Exposure
While you may not have heard of Stachybotrys chartarum, you are probably familiar with its common name, black mold, or as it is sometimes called, toxic black mold. The “toxic” comes from the mycotoxins it produces, and those toxins can cause a number of health concerns in those who inhale
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Is Your Toilet Trying to Tell You Something?
While black mold is generally an unwelcome “visitor” in a home, there is one instance where it serves a positive purpose. Mold forms more readily in the toilet bowl of people who have untreated or under treated diabetes. If you notice black mold appearing in your toilet, especially soon after
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Certified Mold Inspections pet and mold

September 21, 2016

Is Mold Affecting Your Pets?

It is well known that frequent or continual exposure to mold can cause health issues in humans. What is sometimes ignored, and really has only come to light in the past decade, is the impact it can have on pets. Black mold or Stachybotrys chartarum can be particularly harmful. Not
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7 Mold Myths Exposed

August 1, 2016

7 Mold Myths Exposed

Depending on who you talk to, household mold can be anything from a benign substance you can completely ignore to a super-toxin capable of causing grave harm in microscopic quantities. As with most things, the truth is typically somewhere in the middle. We help you find it below by exposing
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