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Mold testing can reveal a possible mold problem in your home. It can help you find hidden mold, measure indoor air quality, and identify what species of mold is in your home. Signs of Mold Growth Beyond visibly seeing mold in your home, there are other signs that can suggest
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Dr. Adrienne Sprouse interviews Dennis Hooper, Ph. D. about mold toxins
What are mold toxins and how dangerous are they? Is it true that they can contribute to causing illnesses like MS and ALS? Is it possible for some of the terrible symptoms of MS and ALS to be reversed? These and other questions are addressed as YEM On Location host
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This past weekend our staff attended the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) conference in Washington D.C. The conference featured an array of topics on Lyme Disease, as well as, mold and mycotoxins and the effects on a Lyme compromised patient. The major discussion concerning mold and mycotoxins is that when a
September Marks Mold Awareness Month. Are you Aware?
From the damp corners of your bedroom closet, to the unseen areas of your basement, mold can haunt your house from just about anywhere. September marks Mold Awareness Month, a month we choose to make known the hazards of mold in your home. Are you aware of what’s sprouting around
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I recently read an article about how Camel Crickets (also know as Spider Crickets) are widespread throughout US homes. Click here if you’d like to read the article too. As an Environmental Consultant who has inspected and performed over 5000 mold inspections, I commonly see Camel Crickets and other insects
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Certified Mold Inspections
They say home is where the heart is. A home should be one’s sanctuary. A place to be for safety, comfort and if necessary, healing. As safe and secure many feel their home is, hidden perils can find there way into peoples homes that can impact human health and make
Hollywood Gets Moldy!

August 20, 2014

Hollywood Gets Moldy!

Yesterday there were headlines regarding Kourtney Kardashian complaining about buying into a mold problem with their new home purchase. The article states that Kourtney and her Partner Scott Disick purchased a home from former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson and that the after the sale of the house their decorator allegedly
Monitor the Mold

August 15, 2014

Monitor the Mold

We often get calls from potential clients concerned that they see a mold like substance growing on the walls and ceilings of the bathroom.    Mold growing on the walls and ceiling in the bathroom,  may indicate a serious mold source somewhere else in the home.   The reason mold
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Mold: Taking the East By Storm
Storms cause wide spread flooding throughout NY & NJ Over the past couple of days there have been news reports on recent storms within the tri-state area of New York and New Jersey that have caused wide spread flooding of homes and commercial properties. It is important to stress that
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The HVAC system, commonly know has the heating & air conditioning system are the lungs of your home. Depending on where the main system is located, (basement or attic) it can take the make up air from those areas draw the air into the HVAC system and in turn distribute
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