What are mold toxins and how dangerous are they?
Is it true that they can contribute to causing illnesses like MS and ALS?
Is it possible for some of the terrible symptoms of MS and ALS to be reversed?

These and other questions are addressed as YEM On Location host Dr. Adrienne Sprouse
interviews Dennis Hooper, Ph. D., an expert in testing for mold toxins and other environmental
dangers. This is one interview you do not want to miss.


This year’s AAEM conference, “Integrative Solutions for 21st Century Medicine” will be held at
Embassy Suites Hotel and Spa, 1000 Woodward Place, NE, Albuquerque, NM October 23 – 26.
Dr. Sprouse will be speaking on The Evidence for Mold-Related Illnesses.
For more information for to www.aaemonline.org.