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Florida Mold Testing

Constant high humidity creates a challenge when dealing with black mold. There are many preventative steps that can be taken to lower the humidity and moisture indoors and CMI is here to help. Our process and expertise is unmatched by our competitors. We provide mold inspections and testing for commercial and residential customers located in southern Florida. If you think you might have a problem request an appointment and learn what measures you can take to stop mold before it is a problem.

florida mold testing

Hurricane Damage

Hurricane damage can be a huge problem to deal with. Depending on the cause of damage there could be future problems as well. Flooding can be a major cause of water damage which can lead to mold growth if left untreated. Often times insurance policies specifically do not cover mold related damage. Preventative measures are the best actions to take, however it may be too late. Since mold cleaning and remediation can be a dangerous process let our professional staff fix your problems.