Heavy Metal Facts

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Heavy Metal Facts

Mold isn’t the only health risk in your home. Did you know that your family is exposed to heavy metals on a daily basis? Most of these encounters are harmless and in fact some metals such as copper, iron and zinc are needed in our bodies. Some of the harmful metals that can cause health risks at high levels include:

  • Aluminum
    • Found in deodorants, antacids, processed foods and shampoo
  • Arsenic
    • Commonly found in well water and wood products.
  • Cadmium
    • Found in black rubber, fertilizers and fungicides.
  • Lead
    • Can be found in paint and tap water.
  • Mercury
    • Found in fish

Note for Doctors:

Exposure to metals can occur from diet, medications or the environment. Be sure to ask your patients about their eating habits in addition to any medications they are taking.

Heavy Metal testing

Determining the levels and sources of heavy metal requires training and the proper equipment. Let the trained professionals at CMI perform your heavy metal testing today.