Heavy Metal Prevention

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Heavy Metal Prevention

Maintaining a healthy home can be a very challenging process. Beyond mold there are other potentially harmful substances in your home. Heavy metal exposure is unavoidable but can be limited by knowing common sources.

  • Limit dust indoors
  • Fish and shellfish can be high in mercury
  • Be aware of sources of lead
  • Read all labels on products like cosmetics
  • Drink only filtered water
  • Eat food that is free of industrial pollutants and pesticides
  • Avoid areas with high levels of air pollution
  • Cigarettes are full of various heavy metals

Note for Doctors:

Antacids, vaccines and cigarettes all contain heavy metals. Be sure to ask your patients about exposure to any of these during their visits.

Heavy Metal Prevention appointment

There are several different testing methods used by CMI to identify sources within your home. Contact one of our specialists today to rid your home of high heavy metal levels.