Mold Prevention

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Household Mold Prevention

Did you know mold spores are airborne? Regular dusting and cleaning isn’t enough to keep your home healthy. Use these tips to protect your family from mold exposure.

  • Mold Prevention Healthy HomeMake sure the dryer vent is working and fed outside.
  • Inspect inside and behind cabinets, closets, and pictures
  • Keep furniture away from outside walls to prevent moisture
  • Use exhaust fans and open windows in kitchens and bathrooms to improve airflow and reduce moisture.
  • Humidity levels inside should remain between 30%-50%
  • Any leaky plumbing should be fixed to prevent water damage.

Note for Doctors:

Ask your patients if they are taking steps to ensure a healthy home. Any problems with mold could create further health risks especially in children and the elderly.

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