Indoor Allergen Testing

Indoor allergens can be caused by many different elements within our home or business. Our staff of Certified Indoor Environmentalist employ a detailed approach to property inspections and understand the right indicators to look for in a property that may indicate the source of indoor allergies through Indoor Allergen Testing.

What are Indoor Allergens?

Millions of Americans suffer all year from allergies caused by indoor allergens. These offenders include dust mites, animal dander, insect fragments and mold. In addition to causing allergy reactions, allergens can also trigger asthma issues in people with asthma. With the guidance of our Indoor Environmentalists, you can learn what allergens may exist in your home or business.

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Identifying Indoor Allergens in the home or business

Determining the presence of poor indoor air quality requires sophisticated equipment and training. Indoor Allergen Testing is risky if not conducted by a professional.

Air Testing: Air samples are taken with a specialized pump and air cassette. The air sample is then placed in a plastic bag and transported to the lab.

Bulk Materials Sampling: Bulk samples are collected from suspected surfaces or materials by cutting materials with a clean tool into a clean plastic bag.

Swab testing: A swab test is used for surface testing. The samples are collected by wiping a measured area by utilizing a sterilized swab. The swab is then placed in a seal tight tube and transported to the lab.

Tape Lift: A tape lift is used for surface sampling by stripping the suspect area surface with clear tape. The sample is then tape to a microscope slide and then placed in a seal tight container and transported to the lab.

Sampling Dust: Samples of dust are collected from a variety of sources that can contain pathogens. Such as the HVAC system ducts or filters, then sealed and sent to the lab.

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