Infrared Testing


Infrared Testing

Many times moisture intrusion can penetrate and enter the home or building without visible signs. By the time a stain or water damage is noticed, substantial damage may have already occurred. An infrared testing can offer a fast and nondestructive way of identifying potential water intrusion issues behind walls and ceilings. This cannot be done with the naked eye or by the touching and feeling of surfaces. Often moisture and water intrusion will cool the temperature of the impacted walls, ceilings and floors. An infrared camera can detect temperature differences that may indicate hidden water or moisture intrusion.

An infrared camera & getting an infrared testing offers a host of advantages. Some of these advantages are:

  • An infrared camera can assist with areas that are difficult to access, such as tall ceilings.
  • An infrared camera can assist with larger areas to be inspect and assess quickly.
  • An infrared camera can help locate sources of moisture intrusion.
  • An infrared camera can assist in identifying the extent of moisture intrusion.
  • An infrared camera can assist in tracing the moisture intrusion through other affected areas adjoining and adjacent the impacted areas.
  • An infrared camera and inspection can assist in providing visual documentation of moisture intrusion.

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Infrared Testing