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New York Mold Testing

Unbiased reports are hard to come by with so many of the large businesses out there. CMI is not affiliated with any other companies and is proud to offer truly unbiased testing and results. We have been educated to understand mold and can provide insight on where and how it develops. Think you may have a mold problem? Schedule an appointment today to be sure your home or business is safe.

new york mold testing

New York Apartment Mold Exposure

Whether you have heard of it or not, sick building syndrome is a real problem. This refers to any instance in which a health problem is linked to time spent in a building. Mold is a common contributor to poor indoor air quality in apartment buildings throughout New York. Many health issues are associated with mold exposure and can be the fault of the tenant or the landlord. CMI can determine the cause of the problem and begin the cleaning process.