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Connecticut Mold Testing

A small water leak is not a huge problem on its own but it can create the perfect place for mold to grow. This growth can cause many health problems with prolonged exposure. Not all people are susceptible to health issues related to mold but it is still a problem that needs to be addressed. Mold prevention is the best way to avoid any potential health issues related to mold. CMI has many years of experience with mold remediation and implementation to preventative measures to avoid future issues.  Schedule your appointment today to maintain a clean, healthy indoor environment.

Connecticut mold testing

Connecticut and Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins cause many problems for dairy farmers in Connecticut.  These toxins are naturally produced by some molds and have been attributed to sickness in dairy cows that have been exposed.  These same harmful byproducts can be found in your own home.  Not all types of mold will produce mycotoxins however the only way to be sure is to have your home or office tested.  Let CMI put your mind at ease with our professional experience.